The Boom of Digital Business Cards Post Covid-19

An amazing article explaining the boom of digital business cards across the world post-covid-19. Explore to understand the importance of virtual business cards. Read Now!

The Boom of Digital Business Cards Post Covid-19


  • The post-COVID boom of digital business cards
  • What are digital business cards
  • Features and advantages 
  • Types of virtual business cards

The recent pandemic has brought about significant changes in each one of our lives. Not only in India, but the world over, there has been a notable change in the way business is conducted.

Offices and business establishments have adopted novel ways to continue work without affecting sales and services.

For one, shaking hands at meetings has now become fist bumps, physical meetings are moving towards the virtual platforms, and paperwork is now routed through online platforms. Such are the changes the pandemic has brought with it. 

Another unique and new development after COVID-19 is the emergence of digital business cards. Virtual business cards are a novel way of communicating your business and profile to customers and prospective clients. 

So, What Exactly Are Digital Business Cards?

Digital business cards, interchangeably called virtual business cards or electronic cards are the most modern way of sharing information with others.

These cards are shared through online platforms and can contain more information than a physically printed visiting card. 

To understand digital business cards better, we should understand their advantages and why it is the next level of doing business. Let’s consider a classic example of a meeting between you and your prospective customer.

Now, you meet a prospective client. You obviously want to broaden your sales base and you hand out your printed visiting card to him/ her. The aim of handing out the visiting card is because you want him to contact you sometime in the future.

What would happen next can go either way. He can either give a glance at your visiting card and tuck it in his pocket or he could take out his phone and add your details to his contact list.

You would probably be delighted if he does the latter, but in all probabilities, he will go with the former act. Now, why would we say this? Isn’t it obvious? Not many will be bothered to take the trouble to save your contact from a visiting card.

It’s a time-consuming task to do this. In most cases, these cards go into the trash can. Even if he wanted to contact you at a later date, it might be too late because the card is already in the bin. That's one great customer you just lost.

So, this is where digital business cards play an important role. With everyone having access to smartphones, digital business cards have become more popular.

With a click of a finger, you can send your contact details to a host of customers and acquaintances. 

Features and Advantages of Virtual Business Cards

1. Connect with Others

The underlying aim of the digital business card is the same as your traditional visiting card. That is, to connect with buyers, customers, colleagues, and others from your workspace. 

2. Online Advantage

A virtual business card is sent and viewed online and not printed like visiting cards. You tend to gain an online advantage.

To elucidate on this point, take a look at the above example where you meet a prospective client or customer.

See the difference when you hand over a printed visiting card or just pop your virtual business card on his phone screen. 

3. More Information

While a printed visiting card can hold limited information, a digital visiting card is your gateway to a host of information about you and your business. 

A printed visiting card is small and can only hold restricted information like your name and contact details. You can probably add a link to your company website and a few other bits of information.

Whereas, on the other hand, a digital visiting card can open up various other details you would like to share.

You have the advantage of linking the URL of your company website right there on your digital business card. This gives the customer an immediate peek into your website and probably an “on the spot” sales confirmation. 

4. Eliminates Printing Costs

Printed visiting cards get exhausted and have to be reprinted time and again. Whereas, digital business cards are always available.

In fact, you can keep updating your visiting card without having to re-work on the entire card. You save printing costs and thereby save your time and money when using digital voting cards.

5. Environment Friendly

Virtual business cards are definitely more environmentally friendly than traditional visiting cards. For one, you eliminate the use of paper for your contact card. Save paper, save trees. Additionally, you reduce garbage pile-ups because of visiting cards in trash cans.

Now that we have covered all the features and advantages of a virtual business card, we know its importance. Especially today, when almost everything is online.

The COVID-19 situation the world over has made the transformation into the virtual world more gradual. People found ways to adapt to the new scenario and develop more virtual-friendly methods of communication. 

The whole point of having a virtual or digital business card is to have a single point of contact that is more permanent and convenient to hand out.

Digital business cards can be handed out through multiple online platforms including your email and text messages. The aim is to disseminate as much of your information to clients or prospective customers.

Virtual business cards can have multiple URLs and links which give more information about your products and business services.

It allows customers to make a thorough search and investigation about the business before contacting you.

So, you might say that virtual business cards are more likely to convert prospective customers into long-standing buyers.

How you may ask? Well, the explanation is simple. As your digital business card contains a lot of information about you and your business, it is more likely that the customer will go through the entire virtual card before actually contacting you.

When the customer contacts you, it is after a thorough investigation of your business. The very fact you are getting a call is that he already knows about your business and wants to connect with you.

Unlike a traditional business card where the customer is more likely to contact you for more information about you and your business before deciding to do business with you. 

There are different types of digital business cards. You can create URLs that lead to your business card or you can add information to your digital signature which is sent through emails and other online platforms. 

Another popular digital signature is the QR code. Here customers will scan the code that leads to your contact and other information you wish to share. 


With digital visiting cards becoming more popular by the day, why must you wait any longer? Create your digital card and keep up with technology. 

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