Why Digital Business Cards Are Becoming So Popular and How It Works

An amazing article explaining why digital business cards are becoming so popular, and how it works. Learn about its importance in business. Read Now!

Why Digital Business Cards Are Becoming So Popular and How It Works

Digital Business Card: What Exactly is it? 

A digital business card is a great way to represent your business digitally. With digital business cards, you can share your contact information with potential customers or clients without having to give them a physical copy of your card.

A digital business card can be used in many different ways, including sharing it on social media platforms, websites, or during in-person interaction. 

This blog post will explain all of the most important aspects of digital business cards and how they work.

How Can Digital Business Cards Be Used?

Digital business cards can be used for a ton of different things.

For example, if you're looking to network with people in your industry, you can add your digital business card to your LinkedIn profile or send your digital business card through WhatsApp.

You can also include it on your website so that users can click the link to connect with you digitally. 

Digital business cards come in handy for many reasons: 

  • To promote your company, such as who you are and what you do
  • To offer your company's contact information in order to use it as a direct marketing technique to generate leads
  • To make it simple for individuals or customers to get information from you via their smartphones
  • To keep track of all of your contacts in one place

How Does a Digital Business Card Work?

A digital business card is a virtual version of your physical business card. But they contain many more features than a traditional business card, and moreover, they're stored digitally and can be accessed anywhere.

One of the biggest benefits of digital business cards is their convenience. You can share your contact information with potential customers or clients without having to give them a physical copy.

Digital business cards are also very easy to customize. You could, for example, update your product catalog without having to print the card. Some people also make their digital business cards interactive with videos and images. This is a great way to engage your potential customers or clients with your brand.

How to Create Your Card? 

  • First, sign up for HelloVCard services.
  • Create your own digital business card by choosing the template you want. 
  • After the completion of the digital business card, save it to your device. The digital business card can be accessed anywhere, anytime.  
  • Now your digital business card is ready to be shared with your customers through a variety of platforms like WhatsApp and other social media channels. 

Importance of Digital Business Cards: 

Why are digital business cards important? A business card can be used in a variety of ways. The digital business card has made it possible to create a professional image for any company. 

A professional-looking digital business card will help in improving the brand image of your company and also boost your company’s credibility.

Moreover, it also helps to build and maintain relationships with existing customers, generate leads, and reach out to your target audience.

Below are a few features of digital business cards: 

1. WhatsApp Store

You can link your Whatsapp store to your digital business card so that your customers can get in touch with you and buy products from your store using WhatsApp.

2. Lead Generation

Our digital business card has a contact form that allows you to capture leads with the click of a button. You’ll get an email or WhatsApp notifications when people fill out the form, so you can follow up quickly.

3. Lead Center and Analytics

With digital business cards, you can keep track of all your leads and their information in one place.

4. Tap to Call or Use Whatsapp

Customers can directly call you or reach you via WhatsApp, without taking the trouble of saving your phone number.

5. Tap to Email

Your clients can quickly reach you by email to find out more about your products or ask for any clarification. 

6. Website and Social Media Links

With this, your prospects can learn more about your services by visiting your website and social media profiles.

7. Click to Navigate

You can integrate the Google Maps feature into your digital business card to make it easier for your customers to visit you. 

8. QR Code

A QR code is a barcode that can be scanned with a smartphone. With the use of the QR code feature, you can quickly share your digital business card with a potential customer on the go.

9. Book an Appointment

Your customers can conveniently and easily book an appointment with you with a tap of a button. 


A lot of businesses are now adopting a digital strategy as a way of growing their business. Digital business cards are a popular choice because they offer numerous benefits.

It’s easy to update as needed and moreover, you can share it in many different ways.  If you’re looking for a more convenient way to promote your business, then a digital business card might be the right option for you!

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